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Akave is the first L2 storage chain, ‚Äčenabling on-chain data lakes for ‚Äčscalable and decentralized AI

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Akave is revolutionizing data management with a decentralized, modular L2 solution that combines the robust storage of Filecoin with cutting-edge encryption and seamless integration.

Flexible Data Durability

Delivers flexible data protection policies, including sharding data efficiently across a network of nodes, delivering 11x9s or higher durability

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Long-Term Data Availability

Through a combination of erasure coding and data sampling, data availability is guaranteed for on-chain and off-chain data

End-To-End Data Provenance

An end-to-end verifiable data trail where data integrity and chain of custody is guaranteed through cryptographic proofs

Cost Effective

Up to 80% cost savings compared to centralized solutions. Reduces edge compute costs by bringing storage closer to edge.

Easy To Use

S3-compatible interfaces allow for easy integration with Web2 tools and public clouds. Simple SDKs allow dApp builders to control and manage Web3 datasets

Akave enables data control

FOR AI workloads

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Data Access

Removes network bandwidth congestion controlled by public cloud providers by bringing data closer to the edge where AI workloads live.

Persistent Storage

at the Edge

Preserve your LLM snapshots and generative AI datasets over a robust decentralized network.

Plug-in your existing tools through compatible S3 interfaces.

Verifiable Data Protection

Data security and integrity with E2E traceability.

Guaranteed data integrity through on-chain proofs enabled by ZK technology.

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Building a world where all data assets live on-chain.